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Shaheed Udham Singh College of Education


Dr. Neelam

Principal Message

Choosing where to continue your education is a major decision and I believe that Shaheed Udham Singh College will be a choice you will not regret, especially if you are ambitious and determined to succeed.  As a result of our size we are able to focus on the needs of each individual student and aim to nurture each student in order to ensure their journey at Shaheed Udham Singh College is a successful and improves future prospects.

I am pleased that you are thinking about joining Shaheed Udham Singh College for your nest step. Shaheed Udham Singh College is a diverse and friendly learning community where students progress well in their studies and we are very proud of their achievements.  We are particularly proud of the progress our students make from their own individual starting points and the incredibly positive destinations their ultiately achieve, either in good Higher Education places or jobs with continuing trainig.  Ofsted recognised the success of the college and our students during their most recent visit, which rated the college as 'Good'.

This is a popular and growing college and each year students join us from every school and college in District Sangrur, as well as many from the Punjab. When you join us, you can be assured we will invest time in you.  We will give you all the support and encouragement you need to achieve the success you deserve and to create the future you want for yourself. We'll treat you with respect, take your views seriously and encourage you to be creative, make new friends and contribute to the wider community. Of course, this will be a partnership and you will put just as much back into Regent College as you excel in your time here.

The College has invested heaviliy in our estate to modernise and take full advantage of an inspiring traditional building. Furthermore, this has been extended as the college has grown and to develop our sporting and teaching facilities.  Shaheed Udham Singh College has been able to develop a new full sized sports ground and drained football pitch, changing facilities and a seven classroom teaching block for our own use.  This exciting development enabled the college to expand our sporting facilities and provision with great success and we now offer a fantastic setting and opportunities for those intersted in continuing sport either for enrichment, competitively or as a curriculum choice.

Exciting times are ahead of us and I hope you too choose to be a part of our continuing success. 

Recognition Letter

List of Teaching Staff B.Ed. Course 2015-17

Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr.. Neelam Principal M.A. (Hindi), M.Ed; Ph.D. (Hindi)
2 Dr. Kulwant Kaur Lecturer M.A. (Socilology/Pol. Sci), M.Ed; Ph.D. (Education)
3 Dr.. Rajvinder Singh Lecturer M.A. (History), M.Ed; Ph.D. (History)
4 Mr. Preetinder Singh Lecturer M.A. (Hindi, Education), M.Phil (Hindi)
5 Ms. Karamjeet Kaur Lecturer M.A. (Economics), M.Ed. M.Phil (Eco.)
6 Ms. Sandeep Kaur Lecturer M.A. (Pbi.), M.Ed. NET
7 Ms. Hardeep Kaur Lecturer M.A. (Eng.), M.Ed. M.Phil (Eng.) TET
8 Mr. Dalip Singh Phy. Inst M.P.Ed; M.Phil. (Phy.Edu.)
9 Ms. Rupinder Kaur Lecturer M.A. (History), M.Ed;
10 Ms. Randeep Kaur Lecturer M.A. (Economics), M.Ed; NET
11 Ms. Gurpreet Kaur Lecturer M.A. (Pbi.), M.Ed. NET
12 Mr. Pawan Kumar Lecturer M.Sc (Math), M.Ed. NET
13 Mr. Narinder Kumar Lecturer MA (Eng) NET, M.Ed.
14 Mr. Harpartap Singh Lecturer M.P.Ed; Net, MA (Edu)
15 Mr. Ranjeet Singh Lecturer M.A. (History) M.Ed; M.Phil (His.)
16 Mrs. Deepika Lecturer M.A. (Eng.) M.Ed.
17 Ms. Sonam Kataria Lecturer MCA, B.Ed.
18 Ms. Sawaranjit Kaur Lecturer M.Sc (Zolology), M.Ed.
19 Mr. Jeet Sharma Lecturer MBA
20 Ms. Navdeep Kaur Lecturer MA (Pbi) UGC-NET (Pbi) B.Ed.
21 Ms. Harvinder Kaur Lecturer MA (Pbi) B.Ed. Art & Craft
Non-Teaching Staff
Sr. No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr. Baldev Singh Supdt B.A.
2 Mr. Gurpreet Singh Librarian M.Lib; M.Phil(Lib.)
3 Mr. Devan Clerk B.A.
4 Mr. Brahmdin Mali 10th
5 Davinder Singh Peon 8th
6 Gurdev Kaur Sweeper 5th

All courses described below are approved by National Council of Teacher Education, Jaipur and affiliated with Punjabi University, Patiala as and where applicable.

Sr. No. Name Duration No. of Seats
1 B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education) 2 Year 200
2 M.A. (Education) 2 Year 25
3 D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education) 2 Year 50
According to Punjabi University, B.Ed Syllabus Download
According to SCERT, ETT Syllabus Download

B.Ed. Students Session 2016-18 (1st Sem)

Sr No Name of Candidate Father's Name Mother's Name Category Last Year Exam Pass
1 Amandeep Kaur Tehal Singh Malkiat Kaur SC B A
2 Jasveer Kaur Darshan Singh Gurdeep Kaur SC B.Sc
3 Prabhjot Chauhan Devinder Singh Roop Rekha SC B.sc
4 Hapreet Kaur Bharpur Singh Hardeep Kaur General B.Sc
5 Reeya Garg Hardwari Ram Saroj Rani General B.Sc
6 Manpreet Kaur Ramdass Singh Sukhwinder Kaur SC BA
7 Kamaljit Kaur Mukhtiar Singh Gurmail Kaur General BA
8 Komaldeep Kaur Surinder Singh Harbhajan Kaur BC BA
9 Pooja Sharma Shiv Sharma Jeevan Sharma General BA
10 Gurpreet Singh Baldev Singh Resham Kaur SC BA
11 Kajal Sharma Satwinder Kumar Parminder Sharma General BA
12 Rajwinder Kaur Chuhar Singh Gurjeet Kaur SC BA
13 Amritpal Singh Gurtej Singh Sukhwinder Kaur SC BA
14 Birpal Kaur Bharpur Singh Jagmail Kaur SC BA
15 Rajveer Kaur Lal Singh Balbir Kaur General BA
16 Rupinder Kaur Darshan Singh Karamjeet Kaur General BA
17 Amandeep Kaur Darshan Singh Gurmeet Kaur General BA
18 Kamalpreet Kaur Hukam Singh Harjeet Kaur General BA
19 Gurpreet Kaur Nazar Singh Jagmail Kaur SC BA
20 Parminder Kaur Harpal Singh Manjeet Kaur General BA
21 Sandeep Kaur Charnjeet Singh Parmjeet Kaur General BA
22 Gursewak Singh Darshan Singh Raj Kaur SC BA
23 Balwinder Kaur Gurbachan Singh Jaswinder Kaur General BA
24 Ravinder Singh Ajaib Singh Jaswant Kaur SC BA
25 Sony Kaur Banta Singh Sukhpal Kaur SC BA
26 Krishandeep Kaur Sukhraj Singh Aungrej Kaur SC BA
27 Gagandeep Kaur Bhola Singh Jaspal Kaur General BA
28 Hardeep Kaur Ram Singh Karmjeet Kaur SC BA
29 Ramandeep Kaur Bikar Singh Dharminder Kaur SC BA
30 Pooja Rani Raj Kumar Geeta Rani SC BA
31 Samrinder Kumar Ram Neti Ram Satni Devi SC BA
32 Mandeep Kaur Jagtar Singh Jasveer Kaur General BA
33 Loveleen Kaur Rajinder Singh Sarbjeet Kaur General BA
34 Simarpreet Kaur Darshan Singh Harbans Kaur General BA
35 Jasvir Singh Ajaib Singh Parmjeet Kaur SC BA
36 Beant Kaur Rampal Singh Karamjeet Kaur SC BA
37 Maninder Kaur Lal Singh Ranjit Kaur SC BA
38 Deeksha Rani Raj Kumar Anu Rani SC BA
39 Amandeep Kaur Teja Singh Baldev Kaur SC BA
40 Balwinder Kaur Sikander Singh Jaspal Kaur General BA
41 Des Raj Birbal Singh Moorti Devi SC BA
42 Karmdeep Kaur Raghbir Singh Amarjeet Kaur SC BA
43 Rajbeer Kaur Gurmail Singh Sukhwinder Kaur SC BA
44 Harpreet Kaur Bhagwant Singh Harkit Kaur General BA
45 Arvinder Kaur Jagroop Singh Ranjeet Kaur General BA
46 Manpreet Kaur Karmjeet Singh Parmjeet Kaur SC BA
47 Sukhpal Kaur Gurmeet Singh Harbans Kaur SC BA
48 Manpreet Kaur Bharpur Singh Jaswinder Kaur SC BA
49 Rajwinder Kaur Bhaur Singh Jasvir Kaur SC BA
50 Simran Kaur Fakeer Singh Baldev Kaur SC BA
51 Kirna Kaur Sohan Singh Paramjeet Kaur SC BA
52 Manpreet Kaur Mangal Singh Sukhwinder Kaur SC BA
53 Amandeep Kaur Rai Singh Parmjeet Kaur General BA
54 Beant Kaur Surjeet Das Gurmeet Kaur BC BA
55 Harpreet Kaur Gurbhinder Singh Jasveer Kaur General BA
56 Veerpal Kaur Samsher Singh Jagroop Kaur General BA
57 Sarbjeet Kaur Bhola Singh Gurmeet Kaur SC BA
58 Sony Kaur Desu Singh Beeran Kaur SC BA
59 Sandeep Kaur Raj Singh Paramjit Kaur SC BA
60 Sukhpreet Kaur Karnjeet Singh Hardeep Kaur General BA
61 Lakhwinder Kaur Malkeet Singh Baljeet Kaur General BA
62 Sukhpal Kaur Karnail Singh Amarjeet Kaur SC BA
63 Lovepreet Kaur Jagdeep Singh Sukhwinder Kaur SC BA
64 Jaspreet Kaur Jagtar Singh Baljit Kaur OBC BA
65 Harpreet Kaur Barkha Singh Gurmeet Kaur SC BA
66 Muko Kaur Harbhajan Singh Labh Kaur SC BA
67 Manjeet Kaur Jarnail Singh Krishna Kaur SC BA
68 Kamaljeet Kaur Rajinder Singh Baljeet Kaur SC BA
69 Kuldeep Singh Amar Singh Paramjit Kaur SC BA
70 Karamjeet Kaur Sukhchain Singh Gurmeet Kaur SC BA
71 Prem Kaur Godhu Ram Malkit Kaur SC BA
72 Harpreet Kaur Naresh Singh Paramjit Kaur SC BA
73 Yadwinder Singh Karam Singh Harjinder Kaur SC BA
74 Gurjit Singh Nahar Singh Karmjit Kaur SC BA
75 Mandeep Kaur Harbans Singh Manjeet Kaur General BA
76 Gurdip Kaur Bawa Singh Pyaro Kaur SC BA
77 Amandeep Kaur Jagdev Singh Darshan Kaur SC BA
78 Ribka Tarsam Mashi Velta BC BA
79 Karamjeet Kaur Mohinder Singh Baldev Kaur SC BA
80 Jaswinder Singh Kulwant Singh Jaspal Kaur SC BA
81 Amandeep Kaur Malkit Singh Jaswant Kaur SC BA
82 Jagtar Singh Dhan Singh Gurmail Kaur SC BA
83 Veerpal Kaur Harbans Singh Manjit Kaur SC BA
84 Surinder Kumar Billu Singh Saroj Bala SC BA
85 Ramanjot Kaur Jagdev Singh Parmjeet Kaur General BA
86 Harjit Singh Satgur Singh Paramjeet Kaur General BA
87 Yamini Bansidhar Indu General BA
88 Mandeep Kaur Iqbal Singh Dhan Kaur General BA
89 Ramandeep Kaur Harmesh Singh Jasvir Kaur SC BA
90 Manpreet Singh Gurcharan Singh Rajinder Kaur BC BA
91 Avtaar Singh Pritam Singh Dalwaro Kaur SC BA
92 Pratibha Sharma Charanjit Sharma Anu Sharma General BA
93 Rupinder Kaur Jasdev Singh Jaspreet Kaur General BA
95 Binder Kaur Dalbara Singh Paramjit kaur SC BA
98 Amandeep Singh Chamkaur Singh Nasib Kaur SC BA
99 Manpreet Kaur Balwinder Singh Kiranjeet Kaur General BA
100 Sukhpreet Kaur Gurmail Singh Harpal Kaur General BA
101 Gurwinder Singh Sewa Singh Jasveer Kaur General BA
102 Ramandeep Kaur Prem Singh Charanjeet Kaur General BA
103 Harpreet Kaur Angrez Singh Mandeep Kaur General BA
104 Harleen Kaur Jaspal Singh Santosh Rani General BA
108 Hardeep Kaur Pargat Singh Harwant Kaur SC BA
109 Priya Jiwan Kumar Garg Neelam Garg General BA
110 Gurpal Kaur Gurmail Singh Bimla Kaur SC BA
111 Navjot Kaur Major Singh Swarnjeet Kaur General BA
112 Harbans Kaur Mukhtiar Singh Melo SC BA
113 Krishan Singh Jarnail Singh Amarjeet Kaur SC BA
114 Rupinder Kaur Tek Singh Charanjeet Kaur Sc BA
115 Rajvir Kaur Darshan Singh Parmjit Kaur General BA
116 Lakhvir Kaur Nirbhai Singh Parmjit Kaur General BA
117 Jaswinder Singh Jagseer Singh Paramjeet Kaur SC BA
118 Jaspal Singh Darshan Singh Gurmail Kaur SC BA
119 Karna Ram Heera Ram Sone General BA
120 Manjeet Kaur Khadak Singh Kulwinder Kaur SC BA
121 Gursimran Kaur Gurdeep Singh Harinder Kaur General BA
122 Mohammed Arshad Mustak Khan Jahuran BC BA
123 Harpreet Kaur Jagsir Singh Baljit Kaur General BA
124 Amandeep Kaur Sucha Singh Gurmail Kaur General BA
125 Rajwinder Kaur Najar Singh Gurmeet Kaur SC BA
126 Amarjeet Kaur Balam Singh Baljeet Kaur SC BA
127 Rupali Rani Mahesh Kant Sheetal Rani General BA
128 Harwinder Singh Gurmail Singh Gurmail Kaur SC BA
129 Loveleen Sharma Basant Raj Sharma Prabhjot Sharma General BA
130 Lakhwinder Singh Raghveer Singh Baljeet Kaur General BAA
131 Alka Gupta Santosh Kumar Asha Gupta General BCA
132 Salony Khanna Satish Kumar Khanna Manju Khanna General BCA
133 Gagandeep Kaur Manjit Singh Taranjit Kaur General BCA
134 Suvidha Arora PREM KUMAR KRISHNA General BCA

ETT Students (Elementary) Mgmt Session 2016-18

Sr. No. Roll No Adm Date ID Student Name Father's Name Mother's Name Qualification Obtain Marks
1 217 01.09.2016 8155 SUKHPREET KAUR MALKIT SINGH JASWANT KAUR 10+2 87
2 218 01.09.2016 8089 HARDEEP KAUR BAGGA SINGH JASVIR KAUR 10+2 81
3 219 01.09.2016 8182 GURSEWAK SINGH MANGU SINGH BALDEV KAUR 10_2 79
4 220 01.09.2016 8112 TARSEM SINGH RAMPHAL SINGH RANJIT KAUR 10+2 78
5 221 01.09.2016 8145 MANDEEP SINGH SUKHDEV SINGH SUMITA DEVI 10+2 76
6 222 01.09.2016 7907 HARWINDER KAUR BHOLA SINGH BALJEET KAUR 10+2 74
10 226 02.09.2016 8101 JASPREET KAUR KULWANT SINGH SUKHVIR KAUR 10+2 73
13 229 02.09.2016 8099 GURDEEP KAUR MAGHAR SINGH KRISHAN KAUR 10_2 72
14 230 02.09.2016 8152 RAJVEER KAUR SINDERPAL SINGH ANJEET KAUR 10+2 69
15 231 02.09.2016 8103 GEETA RANI LAL BABU SARITA 10+2 68
16 232 02.09.2016 8109 RAMANDEEP KAUR NAJAR SINGH HARPREET KAUR 10+2 68
17 233 02.09.2016 8159 DILPREET SINGH GURDEV SINGH GURMEET KAUR 10+2 65
18 234 02.09.2016 8124 SHAMSHER SINGH HAKAM SINGH PARAMJEET KAUR 10_2 64
19 235 02.09.2016 8653 Ramninder Kaur Gurlal Singh Parmjit Kaur 10+2 64
20 236 02.09.2016 8174 JASPREET KAUR PRITPAL SINGH BALJEET KAUR 10+2 64
21 237 02.09.2016 8388 PARAMJIT SINGH ARJUN SINGH SINDER KAUR 10+2 62
22 238 03.09.2016 8118 MANPREET SINGH BAHADAR SINGH PALO KAUR 10+2 60
23 239 03.09.2016 8122 HARPREET SINGH HAKAM SINGH PARAMJEET KAUR 10_2 60
24 240 03.09.2016 8146 GURWINDER KAUR CHAND SINGH JASVIR KAUR 10+2 69
25 241 03.09.2016 8193 SUKHVEER KAUR NIRBHAI SINGH JASPAL KAUR 10+2 59
26 242 03.09.2016 8219 PARMJEET KAUR BIKAR SINGH JASVIR KAUR 10+2 59
28 244 03.09.2016 8189 MANREET KAUR INDERPAL SINGH JASBIR KAUR 10_2 57
30 246 03.09.2016 8649 Harwinder kaur Jasveer singh CHARANJEET KAUR 10+2 56
31 247 03.09.2016 8192 RAVI GOYAL RAM RATTAN SEEMA RANI 10+2 54
32 248 03.09.2016 8636 Monika rani Surinder pal Prem lata 10+2 53
33 249 03.09.2016 8157 SUKHJINDER KAUR LABH SINGH MANJIT KAUR 10_2 51

B.Ed. Students Session 2015-17 (3rd Sem)

Sr No Name of Candidate Father's Name Mother's Name Last Year Exam Pass
1 Amandeep Kaur Shabeg Singh Balwinder Kaur BA
2 Gurpreet Kaur Malkit Singh Ranjit Kaur B.Sc
3 Amandeep Kaur Raj Singh Sinderpal Kaur BA
4 Priyanka Rani Narain Dutt Saroj Bala BCA
5 Kajal Sharma Sham Sunder Suman Sharma BA
6 Meena Kashi Rani Om Parkash Santosh Kumari BA
7 Baljeet Kaur Dhan Singh Mukand Kaur BA
8 Randeep Kaur Karamjeet Singh Baljinder Kaur BA
9 Harpreet Kaur Sukhdev Singh Kulwinder Kaur B.Sc
10 Manpreet Kaur Gurjant Singh Ravinder Kaur BA
11 Mandeep Kaur Jagroop Singh Karamjit Kaur BA
12 Gurmat Singh Dalip Singh Baljit Kaur B.Com
13 Neha Garg Rajinder Kumar Nisha Rani BA
14 Jatwinder Kaur Datar Singh Mahinder Kaur BA
15 Ranjit Kaur Dharm Singh Gurmeet Kaur BA
16 Navdeep Kaur Bhagwant Singh Satwinder Kaur BA
17 Gurjeet Kaur Swaran Singh Gulzar Kaur BA
18 Sandeep Kaur Harjinder Singh Narinder Kaur BA
19 Amandeep Kaur Naib Singh Sarbhjit Kaur BA
20 Gurwinder Kaur Harmail Singh Sukhjit Kaur BA
21 Sandeep Kaur Jagmail Singh Gurjeet Kaur BA
22 Gagandeep Kaur Karnail Singh Jaspal Kaur BA
23 Mandeep Kaur Onkar Singh Manjinder Kaur BA
24 Manmeet Kaur Dhaliwal Manjit Singh Dhaliwal Upinder Kaur Dhaliwal BA
25 Manpreet Kaur Gurvinder Singh Rajinder Kaur BCA
26 Sandeep Kaur Deb Singh Mahinder Kaur BA
27 Amritpal Kaur Gurjant Singh Karmjeet Kaur BA
28 Khushpreet Kaur Inderjit Singh Nachhtarpal Kaur BA
29 Charnjeet Kaur Malkit Singh Gurmeet Kaur BA
30 Gagandeep Kaur Gurnaib Singh Harpreet Kaur BA
31 Daljit Kaur Amar Singh Kuldeep Kaur BA
32 Ramandeep Kaur Ved Kumar Parmjeet Kaur BA
33 Sandeep Kaur Baljeet Singh Sukhpal Kaur BA
34 Ramanveer Kaur Malkeet Singh Jasveer Kaur BA
35 Amandeep Kaur Ranjeet Singh Kulwinder Kaur BA
36 Paramjit Kaur Amarjit Singh Ravinder Kaur BA
37 Simranjeet Kaur Rohi Singh Harpal Kaur BA
38 Baljeet Kaur Jarnail Singh Tej Kaur BA
39 Rajvir Kaur Karamjit Singh Hardeep Kaur BA
40 Talwinder Kaur Ajaib Singh Sukhwinder Kaur BA
41 Hardeep Kaur Pargat Singh Surjeet Kaur BA
42 Allwinder Kaur Jeet Singh Simarjeet Kaur BA
43 Mandeep Kaur Harjinder Singh Karmjeet Kaur BA
44 Baljinder Kaur Lal Singh Charanjeet Kaur BA
45 Ragwinder Kaur Amarjeet Singh Parwinder Kaur BA
46 Manpreet Kaur Gurjit Singh Gurmeet Kaur BA
47 Amandeep Kaur Kuljeet Singh Gurmeet Kaur BA
48 Mandeep Kaur Sukhwinder Singh Kuljeet Kaur BA
49 Sukhveer Kaur Pargat Singh Amarjeet Kaur BA
50 Manpreet Kaur Gurdev Singh Kuljeet Kaur BA
51 Harwinder Kaur Gurmail Singh Jasveer Kaur B.Sc
52 Sandeep Kaur Lakshman Singh Harbans Kaur BA
53 Ritika Rakesh Kumar Santosh Kumari BA
54 Deeksha Sharma Sushil Kumar Sharma Usha BA
55 Mandeep Kaur Kewal Singh Harpal Kaur BA
56 Sharnjeet Kaur Pal Singh Jaswinder Kaur BA
57 Vikram Singh Jarnail Singh Charnjeet Kaur BA
58 Jasdeep Kaur Davinder Singh Darshan Kaur BA
59 Harpreet Kaur Baghel Singh Mukhtiaar Kaur BA
60 Sukhjeet Kaur Balwinder Singh Sukhpal Kaur BA
61 Ravneet Kaur Tara Chand Jasveer Kaur BA
62 Veerpal Kaur Sukhdev Singh Gurmeet Kaur BA
63 Manpreet Kaur Joginder Singh Lakhwinder Kaur BA
64 Sukhveer Kaur Nirmal Singh Sukhpal Kaur BA
65 Neha Kharbanda Jagdish Chand Anju B.Sc
66 Ravina Chauhan Satwinder Chauhan Gurmeet Kaur Chauhan BA
67 Ranjeet Kaur Kulwinder Singh Rajinder Kaur BA
68 Amandeep Kaur Nanak Singh Charanjit Kaur BA
69 Jasbir Kaur Darshan Singh Balbir Kaur BA
70 Amandeep Kaur Megh Singh Baljeet Kaur BA
71 Veerpal Kaur Nazam Singh Amarjeet Kaur BA
72 Veerpal Kaur Saminder Singh Amarjeet Kaur BA
73 Pardeep Kaur Bhola Singh Rani BA
74 Rashpinder Singh Harwinder Singh Gurjeet Kaur BA
75 Bikramjeet Kaur Krishan Singh Balwinder Kaur BA
76 Arshdeep Kaur Gurwinder Singh Hardeep Kaur BA
77 Manpreet Kaur Karnail Singh Rajveer Kaur BA
78 Kamneet Kaur Harmail Singh Parmjeet Kaur BA
79 Kiranpal Kaur Gurmail Singh Baljeet Kaur BA
80 Balwinder Singh Harphul Singh Dalip Kaur BA
81 Pardeep Kaur Japsal Singh Harbant Kaur BA
82 Jyoti Raj Kumar Sudesh Rani BA
83 Amandeep Kaur Kewal Singh Paramjeet Kaur BA
84 Balwinder Kaur Birsh Khan Raj Kaur BA
85 Rekha Rani Jagdish Singh Nirmala Devi BA
86 Kajal Bansal Jatinder Kumar Bindu Bansal B.Sc
87 Jaspreet Kaur Sukhdev Singh Kamaljit Kaur BA
88 Beant Singh Charan Singh Surjit Kaur BA
89 Ranjot Kaur Deol Balwant Singh Deol Amarjeet Kaur Deol BA
90 Jaspreet Kaur Karam Singh Sinder Kaur BA
91 Daljit Kaur Jagdev Singh Bhinder Kaur BA
92 Parminder Kaur Sukhdev Singh Gurmeet Kaur BA
93 Chhinder Kaur Kapoor Singh Amarjit Kaur BA
94 Vikramdeep Singh Sangat Singh Rani Kaur BA
95 Sandeep Singh Charanjeet Singh Jasmail Kaur BA
96 Chanpreet Singh Walia Ramesh Walia Kamaljeet Kaur B.Sc
97 Manjeet Kaur Kashmir Singh Bhupinder Kaur BA
98 Rani Kaur Labh Singh Raj Kaur BA
99 Kuldeep Kaur Harbans Singh Jasveer Kaur BA
100 Beant Kaur Dalwara Singh Daljeet Kaur BA
101 Soma Kaur Lachhman Singh Charan Kaur BA
102 Uttamjeet Kaur Guljara Singh Balvir Kaur BA
103 Jyoti Rani Jagdish Kumar Veena Rani BA
104 Sukhjeet Kaur Hardev Singh Gurmeet Kaur BA
105 Paramjeet Kaur Puran Singh Surjeet Kaur BA
106 Amanpreet Kaur Mahinder Singh Jaswinder Kaur BA
107 Sarabjeet Kaur Gurmail Singh Gurdev Kaur BA
108 Simranjit Kaur Nasib Singh Shinder Kaur BA
109 Sandeep Kaur Gurmail Singh Sinderpal Kaur BA
110 Nisha Rani Chhinder Pal Maya Devi BA
111 Rimpipal Kaur Gurcharan Singh Simarjeet Kaur BA
112 Meena Rani Piare Khan Jaswant Kaur BA
113 Honey Khan Teja Khan Agtari BA
114 Suman Rani Kewal Singh Kuldeep Kaur BA
115 Ramandeep Kaur Malkit Singh Paramjit Kaur BA
116 Hardeep Singh Rattan Singh Baldev Kaur BA
117 Sandeep Kaur Nirmal Singh Baldev Kaur BA
118 Sandeep Singh Bhola Singh Gurmail Kaur BA
119 Mandeep Kaur Ragver Singh Gurmail Kaur BA
120 Hardeep Kaur Bhola Khan Amarjeet Kaur BA
121 Nirmal Singh Hansa Singh Pal Kaur BA
122 Babli Kaur Balvir Singh Murti Devi BA
123 Makhan Singh Lal Singh Parmjeet Kaur BA
124 Jaspal Kaur Bakhtawar Singh Balwinder Kaur BA
125 Mandeep Kaur Labh Singh Jasveer Kaur BA
126 Rupinder Kaur Harwinder Singh Paramjeet Kaur BA
127 Mehak Jindal Sanjeev Kumar Jindal Kanchan Jindal BA
128 Sandeep Kaur Hardev Singh Jasmail Kaur BA
129 Bhanwardeep Kaur Sukhpal Singh Jagwinder Kaur BA
130 Gurpreet Kaur Jaspal Singh Kuldeep Kaur BA
131 Harbans Kaur Amarjit Singh Shinder Kaur BA
132 Balwinder Kaur Ram Asra Lachmi Devi BA
133 Kulwinder Kaur Sarjit Singh Paramjit Kaur  

ETT Session 2015-17

Sr.No Name Father's Name Qualification 10+2 %age
1 kuldeep singh Harpal singh D.El.Ed 72.2222222222222
2 Simran Kaur Kulwinder singh D.El.Ed 83.1111111111111
3 Ramanjeet kaur Jagdeep singh D.El.Ed 78.6666666666667
4 Amarjit kaur Rann singh D.El.Ed 76.4444444444444
5 Rajinder Rani Mukhraj D.El.Ed 76
6 Manpreet kaur Harminder Singh D.El.Ed 73.7777777777778
7 Ramanpreet kaur Kjasvir Singh D.El.Ed 72.4444444444444
8 Amandeep Kaur Sahib Singh D.El.Ed 71.5555555555556
9 Chotti Kaur Gulzara singh D.El.Ed 71.11
10 Simarjit kaur Mandeep singh D.El.Ed 71.1111111111111
11 Daljeet kaur Balwant singh D.El.Ed 70.4444444444444
12 Jaswinder kaur Bishan Singh D.El.Ed 70.4
13 Kamaljit kaur Jagdev singh D.El.Ed 69.5
14 Rinku singh Nazar singh D.El.Ed 67.5
15 Mandeep kaur Gurjeet Singh D.El.Ed 67.1111111111111
16 Charanjit kaur Jarnail Singh D.El.Ed 66.8888888888889
17 Desa singh Leela Singh D.El.Ed 66
18 Rakesh kumar Ranjit singh D.El.Ed 65.7
19 Som Chand Harbans Lal D.El.Ed 65.1111111111111
20 Ramanpreet kaur Sukhdev singh D.El.Ed 64.6666666666667
21 Prabhjot Singh Major Singh D.El.Ed 65.3333
22 Veerpal Kaur Dhanna Singh D.El.Ed 64.6666666666667
23 Balwinder Singh Vazir Singh D.El.Ed 64
24 Mandeep Kaur Jagraj Singh D.El.Ed 63.3333333333333
25 Rupinder kaur Gamdur Singh D.El.Ed 63.3333333333333
26 Ramandeep singh Gurjeet singh D.El.Ed 62.6666666666667
27 kuldeep singh Balwinder Singh D.El.Ed 62.4
28 Rinku singh Surinder Singh D.El.Ed 61.3333333333333
29 Kamalveer kaur Sukhwinder Singh D.El.Ed 61.1
30 Avtar singh Harbans Singh D.El.Ed 61.1111111111111
31 Amanpreet singh Ajmer singh D.El.Ed 60.4444444444444
32 Nirmal kaur Hakam Singh D.El.Ed 58
33 Harwinder Singh Nikka singh D.El.Ed 57.3333333333333
34 Amandeep Kaur Hushiar Singh D.El.Ed 56.8
35 Rajwinder kaur Shamsher Singh D.El.Ed 55.3333333333333
36 Harpreet kaur Kaka Khan D.El.Ed 54.4444444444444
37 Vishavjeet kaur Makhan Singh D.El.Ed 54.2222222222222
38 Shinderpal singh Kewal singh D.El.Ed 54.9
39 Ravi Kumar Bawa Kewal singh D.El.Ed 75.5
40 Sandeep kaur Pal singh D.El.Ed 68.6
41 Jagseer Singh Mukhtiar Singh D.El.Ed 56.44
42 Amrinder Singh Bhupinder Singh D.El.Ed 65.8
43 Harpreet kaur Balbir Singh D.El.Ed 50.8
44 Harwinder Kaur Baldev Singh D.El.Ed 62.6
45 Kirandeep Kaur Pritam Singh D.El.Ed 56.22
46 Ravneet kaur Nachhatar Singh D.El.Ed 47.7
47 Harkirat Singh Harpal Singh D.El.Ed 54.66
48 Jasvir Kaur Mela Singh D.El.Ed 56.4
49 Babaljeet Kaur Joginder Singh D.El.Ed 69.33
50 Reena kaur Hari Singh D.El.Ed 64
According to Punjabi University, Patiala norms. Please check here http://punjabiuniversity.ac.in/

College Campus

There are some good institutions but that is not sufficient enough for the achievement of the growth and development goals.


During the class scheduling process, you will probably need to assign classes to classrooms, and you should set up your classroom facilities in advance.

Placement's & Training's

The goal of Training & Placement Cell is to provide employment opportunities & world class training.