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Shaheed  Udham  Singh  Group  of  Institutions.....

S. Bant Singh Dult

Founder SUSGI

The  Shaheed  Udham  Singh  Education  &  Welfare  Society  (Regd.)  V.P.O.  Mehlan ,  has   endeavored  to  run  a  group  of  institutions  to  impart  professional  education  for  the  boys   and  girls  of  surrounding  area .  This  area  is  backward  in  view  of  female  education  so  the   society  has  thrown  its  resources  in  field  of  education  as  per  dreams  of  the  martyr  of  th is   area  Shaheed  Udham  Singh . 


In  view  of  modern  education  SUS  Group  of  Insititutions  is   providing  education  in  every  sphere  of  human  life .  The  group  is  situated  at  Sunam - Patiala  road  in  Mehlan  and  is  8 km .  away  from  Sunam ,  18 km .  distance  to  Bhawanigarh ,   12  km . from  Dirba  &  13  km .  from  Sangrur .  We  hope  that   very  sensible  people  of  the  area  will  join  this  sacred  effort  and  send  their  wards  to  the  college  for  the  better  and  prosperous  future .  

College Campus

There are some good institutions but that is not sufficient enough for the achievement of the growth and development goals.


During the class scheduling process, you will probably need to assign classes to classrooms, and you should set up your classroom facilities in advance.

Placement's & Training's

The goal of Training & Placement Cell is to provide employment opportunities & world class training.