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The college organizes few Memorial Lectures every year out of endowments.

Apart from the extension lectures, seminars on different subjects are also organised in the college for the benefit of the students. College also organises UGC sponsored seminars on different topics related to the interest of the students.

Different Departments organise inhouse seminars and also inter-college seminars where students encouraged to present papers prepared by them/ lecture demonstrations. Our college is pioneer in offering students such an opportunity of role reversal which make them confident about their own latent talent.


 Lectures are probably the best teaching method in many circumstances and for many students; especially for communicating conceptual knowledge, and where there is a significant knowledge gap between lecturer and audience. However, the lack of a convincing rationale has been a factor in under-estimating the importance of lectures and there are many who advocate their replacement with written communications or electronic media. But I suggest that lectures are effective because they exploit the spontaneous human aptitude for spoken (rather than written) communications and because they are real-time, human-presence social events (rather than electronic media). Literacy is a recently cultural artefact and for most of their evolutionary history humans spontaneously communicated information by speech. By contrast with speech, all communication technologies – whether reading a book or a computer monitor – are artificial and unnatural. This is probably why many people find it easier to learn from lectures than from media; and why excessive or inappropriate use of visual aids can so easily detract from the educational experience. The second reason for lectures’ effectiveness is that they are formally-structured social events which artificially manipulate human psychology.

The effectiveness of lectures

The lack of an accepted rationale for the method seems to make people guilty about using lectures. At best they are taken for granted (but without any attempts to understand or improve them), at worst attempts are made to replace lectures almost anything else; even when alternatives involving small-group teaching, seminars, or tutorials are completely impractical and unaffordable in mass higher education systems. Even absurd gestures such as abandoning real teaching altogether and getting groups of students to ‘teach-themselves’ is regarded by some educationalists as an improvement on lectures.



College Campus

There are some good institutions but that is not sufficient enough for the achievement of the growth and development goals.


During the class scheduling process, you will probably need to assign classes to classrooms, and you should set up your classroom facilities in advance.

Placement's & Training's

The goal of Training & Placement Cell is to provide employment opportunities & world class training.