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We all especially youngsters must agree that college life is one of the most exciting and important phases in anyone’s life. During this period, a student comes across several experiences and learns new things. I think here it would be right to say that importance of cultural events in college is equal to the importance of Studies.

 Now, a very important question arises here that, What is the purpose of these Cultural events in Institutions or I would say that What is the need of conducting them?

Well, according to my point of view, for the overall development of the students, they need to indulge in areas of interest apart from scholastic activities. As it is the only medium, which provides a student an opportunity to showcase the hidden talents possessed in themselves and along with it, it also keeps the child or the student up-to-date with his own culture, by taking part in such co-curricular activities..

 Now, here are some more points which I have mentioned that would clear our minds related to the concept that how directly or indirectly these are beneficial for us:


Now, in detail they can be explained as follows:

Social benefits:

Extracurricular activities increase opportunities for social interaction with people of different backgrounds, that really helps in the development of interpersonal skills of students.

Practical benefits:

It teaches students on how to work for a common goal, which ultimately develops a sense of responsibility in them.

Raises Self esteem:

Many times, being involved in extra-curricular activities helps to raise the self-esteem of teens. There are many teens that feel worthless, means that there is nothing they are good at. So, it really help them to build self-esteem.

Some more benefits:

Helps in spreading the message of peace and brotherhood, which have transpired since ages and only recovered through these various activities.

Last but not least, it also helps to enrich the students with various hobbies such as theater, dance, instrumental and vocal music, art etc.

 Gone are the days, when only academic programs were the only activities organised in colleges and therefore all students focused on that, but the present scenario has been totally changed now. It says that a child should not be a book-worm only. So hereby, I must say that more and more students should take part in these kind of events, because even if we would pursue for higher education, then extra marks are allotted for certificates of participation in these activities.

 So let’s go for it, have fun and enjoy our life by making each and every moment of our life interesting, enjoyable, and awesome.

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